Read Faster

For years I’ve wanted to learn to read faster. I’ve been tempted by programs offered through infomercials on TV or books (of all places) at the bookstore. Then I read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris. In the book, he describes the technique that helped him read 200x faster in minutes.

Basically, your eyes move slower than your brain can process words, so fixating on specific stopping points on a line will allow your eyes to capture the whole picture and your brain will process the information. Also, it is important to stop subvocalizing, that is, saying the words aloud in your head. If you have a tendency to move your lips when you read, you are a subvocalizer. Stop it!

When I finished the book I went on a search to find more info on this reading technique. Tada! Here it is. By following 4 simple steps, you’ll be reading faster without losing any comprehension. Have at it. You can also read Timothy Ferris’ technique as described by the man himself on his blog. Either way, get ready for a whole new way to enjoy reading.

Update: Here is a short video clip put together by Kris Madden showing a technique to help you stop subvocalizing.

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